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Video of keyote for UK retailers.  Almost all multinationals use automated call-centres, whether in-house or outsourced to nations like India.  The economic arguments are usually compelling, but pressing endless choices of buttons is something most customers find annoying.  The fact is that most people phoning customer service departments are already frustrated by an unresolved problem which is why they are calling in the first place.  So how can we bridge the needs of business to provide services and after sales support at low cost, and the needs of customers to have their time respected, and to be treated as human beings?

Caller ID, use of dedicated phone lines for particular types of call and other innovations can dramatically reduce the number of options people have to press.  Every company with an automated system should review every pre-recorded message, and the sequence that customers are forced to go down to get to particular points.  Do we really need so many options?  How can we get people to the person they need to speak to in a more elegant way?

And... can we build a business case for answering every call directly?  Or at least the most important calls?  Or follow-up calls?  How can we reduce the number of times people have to call us - by getting things right in the first place, or by making it easier to do what they need to do online?

Call handling is a complex process, but companies that consistently get it right will gain a significant advantage - from time to answer, friendliness of the agent and so on.

Video covers issues related to: "Future marketing, brands and campaigns. Future trends in the retail industry, presentation for UK clients of Hermes. Targetting customers in a world which is overloaded with marketing messages. What is CRM - customer relationship management. How to run call centres to win sales, improve customer satisfaction and engagement, customer loyalty, retention and reduce numbers of complaints. How many corporations are blind to unmet customer needs, lacking true insight into how customers actually feel about how they are being treated. Most executives hate robot automated answering systems when they are customers themselves, yet are happy to alienate their own customers by forcing them to use exactly the same technologies. Why the tone of voice on the end of the phone is one of your most important brand elements, for companies who never physically meet their customers - or rarely do so."

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