Why this is boom-time for physical corporate events in some nations following COVID vaccinations - future of conferencing and virtual events, keynote speakers. Get ready for hyper-agile pop-up events at very short notice. Companies have to meet to survive

The Truth about COVID-19. Impact on health care, vaccines, pharma. Health care Keynote Speaker

Life Beyond Coronavirus. Virtual Event Futurist Keynote Speaker.High audience engagement on COVID-19

Q+A on Coronavirus: global impact - with Futurist physician advisor to corporations and government. Coronavirus / COVID-19 keynote speaker

Why many don't trust government info about health scares, and why most people distrust marketing messages - truth about social media. Marketing keynote speaker

Future of Cars: auto industry trends. Robot drivers, e-vehicles, flying cars - keynote speaker

Future of Marketing - key messages, seconds before start of my marketing keynote - VIDEO

Future of Personalised Mailings. Totally customised high speed print, programmatic marketing keynote- VIDEO

Next-generation print marketing - programmatic printing, integrated marketing - keynote speaker VIDEO

Totally personal books: future of book printing, customisation, short print runs. Publishing keynote VIDEO

Future of Programmatic Marketing. Integrate print and e-marketing. Futurist keynote speaker VIDEO

Feed Your Gut Microbes! Huge impact of nutrition on health and Microbiome. Futurist health keynote VIDEO

How to Make Magic for Future Retail Customers in an omnichannel world where location is the most important fact you need to know about your customer

Futurist Keynote Speaker: Posts, Slides, Videos - Future Marketing Keynotes, Mobile,Digital Consumer

Future of consumers:  how to make magic for tomorrow's customers.  Why so many technology innovations have failed e.g. Google Glass and the fact that all manufacturers of 3D TVs have stopped making them.  

How your brain is genetically programmed to detect digital life - as we see with embedded chips inside human and animal brains.

Animals solving complex problems collaboratively at speed of light across large distances, using embedded brain chips. Yet most people don't want chips inside their brains. Why?  Because to they feel uncomfortable about it.

Lesson: You can have the greatest innovation in the world but if it fails to connect with passion and emotion, it will be a huge flop, a commercial disaster. It is absolutely true as a law of the universe, and always will be.

Emotion will always score higher than smart tech innovation for its own sake.

Over and again we find that the very smallest things make the largest difference.  Consumers are driven by emotion, not just by facts about their products.  THat's why Little Data is often far more relevant than Big Data.

The future of digital marketing - in a strange world where most marketing directors I talk to think marketing itself is a last century idea.... at least when they are on the receiving end of marketing messages.  Most marketing people don't like being forced to watch meaningless ads, hate being cold-called, are irritated by SMS adverts or websites that insist.  That means we have to take a totally different approach to messaging potential customers.

Future of Telcos and why 95% of all bandwidth will soon be just people streaming video.  Impact on all Telco business models: radical changes for contracts, pricing packages.  Future of e-commerce, mobile payments.

Location data about the customer is now one of the most important things to know for retailers - in an omnichannel world with complete fusion of of online an offline customer experience.  If I know where you are, I can guess far more accurately how you are feeling, what kind of conversations you will be most open to.

Keynote by Patrick Dixon, conference speaker on marketing, retail and customer experience, for Nexterday North.

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