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The Island of Bolay

Dr Patrick Dixon: Futurist Keynote Speaker - Futurist Books - free books on Future Trends

Theft of lethal GM germs from Porton Down "impossible to prevent" Press Release: a leading authority on gene technology warns in a new thriller about terrorist attack using GM biological weapons stolen from military facilities such as Porton Down.

Dr Patrick Dixon, author of The Island of Bolay, published by Harper Collins, said:

"Porton Down is very insecure and always will be. It's impossible to prevent thefts by staff, minute samples of biological warfare viruses or bacteria, hidden in tiny sealed glass or plastic containers. You would need to strip search and X-ray every worker at the end of every day - and even this would fail to detect plastic, or samples hidden in shoes, buttons, the lining of clothing, glasses, pens, watches or anywhere else. Biological Warfare facilities in other countries are also very unsafe.

"GM biological weapons of mass destruction are the ultimate terrorist weapon. Easy to transport, capable of paralyzing a nation through fear.

"It's likely that some Porton Down biotech weapons currently being tested were themselves stolen from other laboratories - how can you develop protection against unknown agents?An underground market exists for every other weaponry. There is no doubt that it exists already for germ warfare agents - with MOD and the Pentagon major buyers to keep others out."

"Much greater efforts are needed to get nations to halt further development of these technologies."

Read on for background and research on which the book is based.

"Feels as if it was penned by Frederick Forsyth - ingeniously constructed, tense and correct in every detail. Dixon's tightly crafted prose moves quickly through a series of plots, subplots and flashbacks. From the opening pages the narrative grabs readers by the lapels and pulls them into a world of deception, murder and romance. Definitely take this one to the seaside this summer." Woman Alive magazine.


  • Last year Porton Down admitted using GM food technology to create lethal mutant viruses and bacteria - for "defensive purposes"
  • Plans to privatise Porton Down published by the MOD last May were recently shelved after the Pentagon expressed concern
  • The Island of Bolay was extensively researched including locations and biotech / technology. The Island itself is a fictitious but very plausible addition to the Inner Hebrides, as anyone familiar with those islands will agree. Even the Gailic place names on the map are authentic, as is the name of the Island itself which in Gaelic is Bol Lay - Island of Death.
  • The Sigma Vega supercomputer is Dr Dixon's invention.
  • The level of authentic detail is deep right down to the trivial. For example, the Pub used by Press Association journalist is described as it actually is.

The author

Dr Patrick Dixon is a recognised authority on the ethics and safety of GM foods, human cloning and other aspects of gene technology.

Other recent books include The Genetic Revolution and Futurewise.

He is also an international lecturer on global trends and director of Global Change Ltd.http://www.globalchange.com - over 100,000 hits a week.

The Island of Bolay - Plot of thriller

Ex-army doctor Maurice Chester has been trying to rebuild his army career working for Air Care International when he becomes suspicious that his emergency air ambulance flights are being used to smuggle drugs.

One night he discovers a far more deadly secret and is soon running for his life. Unknown to him, a recent explosion at Porton Down Germ Warfare laboratory has left scientists dying in agony.

Worse still, MI5 has discovered that several flasks of mutant viruses are missing and a European-wide network is threatening to kill tens of thousands. But what do the perpetrators want?

How can every virus be captured intact and the threat to humanity stopped? And what is the dark truth about MI5's own role in gene experiments on the remote Scottish island to which Chester is so powerfully drawn?

"The Island of Bolay" by Dr Patrick Dixon publ Harper Collins £6-99

Press interviews: 0208 567 9824

Review copies: 01932 221 212


Watch this space for data behind this action-packed book about germ warfare agents falling into terrorist hands.

Order the Island of Bolay - special price

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