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A look back at global online banking in 1997.

Australia: The Commonwealth Bank will offer its clients a sharebroking service over the Internet. It is the first of Australia's four largest banks to do so. The bank's clients will be able to secure access to the latest share market prices free-of-charge. Source: The Australian

Canada: The Royal Bank of Canada has launched a Web-based balance and transaction reporting service for its global correspondent banking clients. The bank is claiming a world-first for the system, which offers both real-time and pre-arranged Internet reporting of Canadian dollar cash positions to subscribers around the world. Source: Financial Technology International Bulletin

Royal Bank launches electronic banking in British Columbia. Source: Canada Newswire.

Real-time approval was expanded to credit cards, on Bank of Montreal's website. Users receive credit decisions within 30 seconds. Source: Bank of Montreal

This autumn Daiwa Bank begins accepting fund transfer orders, and giving account balances via telephone or Internet. Source: Nikkei English News

Electronic banking customers of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce able to download from their accounts directly into Microsoft Money. Source: Newsbytes

mbanx offers new Internet mortgage service for all consumers - real-time approval. Source: Bank of Montreal

South Africa: Phoenix International signs a contract with Rand Merchant bank. The bank has created a new division that intends to serve its customers through virtual branches on the Internet from July 1997. Source: TeleCom World Wire

Australia: CBA launches Internet banking. Source: Reuters News Service

Canada Trust introduced EasyWeb, a full service Internet banking programme. Source: Online Banking Report

BankAmerica creates custom Internet service for Hong Kong. Source: American Banker

South Africa: Nedcor announces Internet banking. Source: Reuter News Service - Johannesburg

Citizens Bank Of Canada announces Internet banking for 1997. Source: Newsbytes News Network

Philippines: The world's first private global electronic banking operation launched. Source: Business World (Philippines)

Australia: ANZ is to goes live for Internet banking in 1997. Source: Australian Financial Review

NZ: Westpac supports pseudo-Internet banking. Source: Christchurch Press

Australia: RTS County Nat West launches low-cost investment products live on Internet. Source: Reuter News Service

Australia: ANZ announces signing with Security First National Bank. Source: Australian Financial Review

Royal Bank Of Canada and Canada Trust launch Internet banking. Source: Globe & Mail (Toronto)

Canada: Mouevement Desjardins bank announces Internet bank. Source: (Canada) Financial Post

Taiwan - Citibank launches PC-based banking to link in 1998 with proprietary Internet network. Source: Financial Times

Commonwealth Bank of Australia announces Internet banking. Source: Reuter News Service

Royal Bank Canada is to invest $500 million to upgrade competitiveness including new Internet banking delivery - $500m investment including new Internet banking delivery channel. Source: Retail Banker International

Royal Bank Canada and Bank of Nova Scotia announce Internet banking. Source: Reuter News Service


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