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Future of Banking - US Online Banking - ARCHIVE 1997

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A look back at US online banking trends in 1997.

Future of Banking: Mellon (Pittsburgh) recently announced its foray into medical savings accounts (MSAs), the latest financial services by-product of the byzantine US tax code. Source: Online Banking Report

First Chicago NBD plans Internet Bank. Source: Reuters News Service

A Virginia First Savings Bank subsidiary will approve mortgages over the Internet. Using Brightware's BrightResponse artificial intelligence technology, American Finance & Investment Inc computers will provide consumers on the web with guidelines for the mortgage application process. BrightResponse automatically "reads" routine e-mail inquiries and provides responses. A second software component, BrightAdvisor, will "understand" customer questions. It will be available later in 1997. Source: American Banker

[email protected] Inc, prospective holding company for Atlanta Internet bank, files registration statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission, for initial public offering. Source: PR Newswire

Wells Fargo bank has joined AT&T's marketing alliance programme. Source: Telecomworldwire Signet Bank, Richmond, VA, has become the first to offer a proactive balance notification service via e-mail or fax delivery, and it's free. Signet's unique service is aptly dubbed Notify Me and provides e-mail or fax notification whenever designated account balances fall below and/or rise above thresholds set by the users. Source: Online Banking Report

First Union's (Charlotte) previously announced CyberCoin Wallets from CyberCash are now available on its website. National Bank of Canada is the only other financial institution currently offering the wallets. First Union also added a so-called CyberCoin MiniMall to its existing Community Commerce center. Source: Online Banking Report

First USA invites users to apply for its newest affinity cards, PGA TOUR and Senior PGA TOUR MasterCards, online. Source: Online Banking Report

Salem Five added a fax center to its website. Source: Salem Five Cents Bank Bank of America announces plan to expand online products and services. Computerworld names BankAmerica to its 'Premier 100' list of companies that are "among the most innovative at implementing intranet/Internet applications and websites". Source: Business Wire

An alliance is formed to bring Internet banking to 700 community banks in Texas. Source: PR Newswire

Atlanta Internet bank launches. Source: Bank Technology

News Bank America moves focus to Internet banking. Source: Reuters News Service

USA: Busey Bank announces Internet bank. Source: Reuters News Service PNC bank offers fund transfer from other financial services providers. Source: American Banker

USA: Nine more banks join AOL to make 27 banks total. Source: American Banker

PNC bank debuts online investing. Source: Bank Mutual Fund Report

USA: Tripod and Security First National bank launch new Internet bank. Source: Internet Content Report

Wells Fargo offers Internet banking in Utah through First Interstate. Source: The Salt Lake Tribune

US Bank launches Ubank Online within America On line. "We absolutely have to be on the Internet in 1997", says Senior VP Chase Manhattan. Source: Crain's New York Business

Wells Fargo: "We regard Internet banking as the holy grail". Source: Retail Banker International


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