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The Truth About Drugs



Terms: Wizz, speed, sulph, billy, crystal, crank

Amphetamines are widely abused, addictive drugs. They are usually sniffed as powder or injected.The effects begin with a very intense "rush" and last around four to six hours.They make people hyper-alert and lively, hence the label "speed".In the short term they help concentration, but leave the user exhausted, typically staying awake for up to a day.During this time most users can neither eat nor sleep.Heart rate rises and pupils dilate, sweating increases with body tremors, dry mouth and lips, itchy nose and dizziness. High doses over a short period can cause delirium, panic, hallucinations and paranoia.

In the longer term, appetite falls and users become very anxious, jumpy and paranoid. Rebound depression, lethargy and intense hunger follows withdrawal.Amphetamines postpone the need for rest and food, replacing neither.

APOLOGIES - rest of chapter is missing and is being looked for (!)

- free book by Patrick Dixon, published by Hodder in 1998


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