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Dr Patrick Dixon: Futurist Keynote Speaker - Latest Futurist Keynote Speaker Slides - FUTURE

Future of banks, banking and financial services. Keynote for ING by Futurist author Patrick Dixon. Managing uncertainty, complex risks, and dealing with greatest leadership risk of all which is institutional blindness. Why future trends will be linked to emotional reactions to events rather than the events themselves - many examples. How to anticipate changes in public mood which in turn drive future banking regulation. Future customer expectations, importance of reputation / trust, and how to protect it. Future of global economy, emerging markets, sovereign wealth investments and multinational balance sheets. Future of demographics and life expectancy - impact on global strategy, fund management and pension funds. Future of tribalism, politics and social media. Future of globalisation, mergers and acquisitions, multinational corporations. Future of retail banking, mobile marketing, mobile payments. Future of cybersecurity and truth about cyberattacks on banks and infrastructure. Future of green tech and sustainability, energy industry, auto industry and manufacturing. Future of ethics, corporate values and corporate responsibility. The ultimate ethical value that will underpin all long term business growth. Patrick Dixon is a Futurist, conference speaker on global trends and advises many of the world’s largest banks from global exucitve team and board level down on managing risks and seizing opportunity. Author of 16 books on global trends including The Future of Almost Everything.

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