Future of Sales and Marketing beyond COVID - hybrid event in Vilnius: physical audience of 800 + 300 virtual. Digital marketing, location marketing. How to create MAGIC in new marketing campaigns. Future of Marketing Keynote Speaker

Chances of 2 people in 70 having same birthday? Managing Risk in Banking and Financial Services. Why the greatest risks are combinations of very unlikely events, which happen far more often than you expect. Keynote speaker on risk management

Compliance is Dead. How to build trust. Reputation of banks and financial services. Compliance Risks. Why 100% compliance with regulations, ESG requirements etc is often not enough to prevent reputational damage

Life's too short to do things you don't believe in! Why passionate belief in the true value of what you are selling or doing is the number one key to success. Secret of all leadership and marketing - keynote for 1100 people in Vilnius October 2021

Why you can't innovate on Zoom or Teams meetings - Innovation is almost impossible unless breathing same air, in same room

Why the key to rapid innovation is team diversity - survey global CEOs. Innovation keynote speaker

Future Manufacturing 5.0. Lessons from personal life for all manufacturers. Manufacturing Keynote

Future of Manufacturing: diagnostics; predictive analytics, little data and cybersecurity. Keynote

Manufacturing 5 0: The truth about robots, robotics and automation. Future of Manufacturing Keynote

Manufacturing 5.0 - why Manufacturing 4.0 not enough. Agility and Innovation: Manufacturing Keynote

Future of Manufacturing 5.0 - hyperconnected, sustainable factories and supply chains + human beings

80% of sales are won or lost in 3 seconds - Future of Marketing Keynote Speaker - Pardavimu formule

Fill supermarket trolleys: customer journeys, future retail trends - keynote speaker - VIDEO

Futurist Keynote Speaker: Posts, Slides, Videos - Future of Retail Keynote Speaker, e-commerce

One of the fastest developing areas of mass-market retail is customer journeys.  Managing the way that a customer works his or her way around your store, or shopping mall or hypermarket.  It is all about touch, taste, sound, experience, expectation, triggering memories, touching emotions.  Large chains like Wal-Mart, Tesco and Carrefour invest hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in customer research, tracking people around their stores, and in constant innovation, striving to get the right sequence of products and messages into exactlyt the right locations.  Chains like Ikea for years have forced customers along a fixed route, as a piece of theatre with something in common with theme park rides.

Video covers: How retail chains and supermarkets persuade customers to buy, Manipulating the customer journey around the store with well-placed special offers, combinations of products, eye-catching displays and other retail marketing promotions. Experience of Tesco, Safeway, Sainsbury, Morrisons, Carrefour and Wal-Mart. Video by conference keynote speaker and future trends analyst for retail industry conference - Hermes client event in the UK - Futurist speaker Patrick Dixon.


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Hanneke Dannhorn
February 27, 2013 - 10:13

Hello Patrick,
We are a Destination Management Company in London and we are working on a program for 40 supermarket owners ( middle size) from Brazil who are coming to London in November. The gentlemen - approx. 22 - need a business program to relate to their business and I would be interested in knowing what you would charge for a 2.5 hour lecture on one of the subjects on your website relating to supermarkets. Once I have that information, I can then send the list of subjects to them so that they can indicate their preference.
You would probably have to speak through an interpreter ( we can arrange that) unless you speak Portuguese ??
Brazil is a very interesting and growing market from our point of view and maybe there is an interest for you to increase your connections in this very vibrant economy.

Look forward to your news as soon as you have a minute.
kind regards
Hanneke Dannhorn

Reply to Hanneke Dannhorn
Patrick Dixon
February 27, 2013 - 11:01

Dear Hanneke,

Thanks so much for getting in touch.

I have lectured in Brazil a number of times and also have experience of supermarket industry in the region - lectured recently for Femsa which owns 7000 OXXO stores in Mexico.

I am lecturing today in Boston for the Financial Times so am forwarding straight to Leigh Bureau office in Ireland who handles all my diary in Europe.

I am based in London and delighted to meet up sometime.

With best wishes,


Dr Patrick Dixon
Chairman Global Change Ltd


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