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London is booming, as are capital cities in some other nations - hotels are reporting their busiest bookings for corporate events, company conferences, workshops, seminars and client meetings since before COVID lockdown began in March 2020.  (Written on 15th September 2021 - after giving a keynote at a physical client event).

Expect large numbers of last-minute events to be organised, taking advantage of what may become narrow windows of opportunity.

Companies are realising that while many managed fine during lockdown, using virtual tools, they have been unable to innovate, think, change. 

Most importantly of all it is almost impossible to land major contracts with people you have never met. Trust is everything.

You can SURVIVE virtually but to THIRVE you have to MEET.

Virtual events have been a great way to hold teams together in the COVID emergency.  

Virtual events are great for delivering information and will keep many things going, but to change how people FEEL, to re-wire the brain of an entire organisation, you need to breath the same air, and go on a physical journey together.

Google Premier Clients Marketing Event

Trouble is, your own corporation may limp along just fine for 18 months or more unable to run normal face to face meetings for team building, change management or business development, but you will face major challenges in months following.  

There is an absolute limit on pure virtual working in most corporations, and it's approaching fast for many boards.

That's why we will see huge numbers of short-notice events in some nations where vaccine roll-outs have reached 80% or more of adults, with hyper-agile conferences, put together in less than a month from start to end, until the COVID situation resolves.

Many such events will be hybrid - providing virtual participation.  But these are fraught with risk - especially when you are trying hard to get major clients into the same room.  The last thing you want is for many to cancel at the last minute saying they will just attend virtually, leaving you with a large auditorium largely empty.

For personal advice on creating world-class, high impact, highly interactive and sharply relevant, totally customised, life-changing events for your teams and your customers, contact me today - Patrick Dixon on +44 7768 511 390.

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