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PLEASE, PLEASE clone ME!! + many Video replies

Futurist Keynote Speaker: Posts, Slides, Videos - What is Human Cloning? How to Clone. But Ethical?

Letters on Human Cloning to Dr Patrick Dixon - and his video-replies.

Here are a few of many e-mails received on human cloning, mainly from people who want to be cloned themselves. And here are cloning video-replies, unedited as if part of a live question and answer session. Some human cloning e-mails have been read out on Sky News, BBC TV, GMTV and many other TV stations in Europe. One at least has been referred to in Parliament and featured in the national UK press. 

All human cloning e-mails are 'anonymised' except where specific permission has been given. They are unedited except for names and other identifiers.

People give different reasons for wanting human cloning. One woman had severe endometriosis and thought that rather than use donated egg and sperm she would rather have a clone baby with her own genes. Others have sad and tragic reasons of their own. Many just fancy the idea of being cloned or having a clone.

Should infertile people be able to clone themselves? - video answer

Lots of people wonder if a clone will have a soul - rather surprising because if they do not, then nor do identical twins. Those for and against cloning who write are usually around 2:1 in favour.

DR. I am 28, white,middle-class, family man, with paralysis from My chest on down. T-2 paraplegic who wonders if maybe I could be cloned, ending My paralysis. I am happy w/ My life now, I don't know if I could morally, ethically, etc. What would happen to my existing body? Storage for spare parts? Lots of area for discussion here. Currently writing a research paper on this topic and could use pointers on better education in this and other subjects. Hope to hear from you Thanks, JD

Will JD ever be able to clone himself a new body? - video answer

could you please send me 2 pictures of the cloned children as soon they are born. from SALIM.

Could human cloning provide designer babies? - video answer

Patrick, I would like to Clone Myself. Would you like to Aid ME in doing so? I know it sounds strange, but I am Extremely serious. -David W

Why I am completely opposed to human cloning - video answer

My father died recently. He was an only child, and neither my brother or myself have any children. My father was a remarkable man and I intend to see that he goes on in this world. I assumed that it would not be possible to clone him at this time. If necessary, I will leave samples and have myself cloned, though I would not do this just for myself. I need to know what can be done, how to do it, and a time reference. Can you give me better information? Thanks, Dianne

I am writing in the hope that you can help me find information on where human cloning may be performed now. There must be many organisations that are actively pursuing cloning, and I want to contact them and see if there is a possibility of cloning my father. I have little time left to pursue this venture, and I would greatly appreciate your assistance. I would like solid information, not requests for interviews, etc. If you can help, please reply. Thank you, Dianne

Dianne wants to have her "father" as a baby… Could we ever clone the dead? - video reply

I am a male college student trying to grow up. My name is James B and I think the prospect of an exact copy of myself is somehow sick but intriguing. I would be interested in donating my own tissue for such an experiment. I think the idea's that go along with genetic cloning are amazing and phenomenal. I lately have no real direction in life. This would give me something to look forward to. I have no idea how but it just would.

James B's real need for direction in his life - video reply

I'm 18 years old living (reluctantly) in Tennessee. Everything I have ever wanted to do boils down to the idea of leaving a legacy. My attempts at writing and acting, whatever, it was just so I wouldn't be a face in the crowd, just to be remembered. This would be a way that someone somewhere would remember me. When I saw the story on CNN it changed my world. I couldn't explain it, but it was like every Sci-Fi story I ever read as a child had somehow become feasible. Anything could happen. I told the story of the sheep (Dolly?) to everyone. No-one could believe it. And when I mentioned how the scientist said that a human subject would be attempted everyone freaked. The implications flew like bullets. Supersoldiers, spare-parts, body-doubles, IMMORTALITY, it all became wonderfully possible. Yes, I mentioned immortality. It's now feasible. Bear with me. Cloning a sheep is one thing, I mean soul or no soul humanity is different from any animal. Somehow were above them(evolution-God either way it's true), but soon the possibility of gestating a body, possibly growing an adult subject in the near future could happen(will happen). Anyone with enough money soon(my guess is as good as yours)could make himself a new body. I don't think anyone could clone freewill but even just the body, some 95 year old billionaire(Ross Perot) could make himself a new body (if gestated to any age) take out the brain and replace it with his. the genes would be identical(or pretty darn close) so the body shouldn't reject the new organ. Any such rejection could be fixed with drugs. All and all I am stumped. I don't know what to think about life and death any more just that everything's different.

Head transplants in monkeys, headless frogs, cloned sheep , designer humans, yes everything is different - video reply

I am very interested in being tested or used in these bold new experiments. jic bio Age:18 Sex:M Eyes:hazel Weight:136 Height:6"2' Hair:Brown I.Q.:137 Full Name:James Nelson B Race:Caucasian Background:English,Scottish,American-Indian

I wonder what Hitler would have done with human cloning - video reply

Hi! my name is Brandon H and I am VERY VERY VERY interested in your cloning research. I would like to know if I could be cloned.I know it sounds silly but it is a revolution to me. I am 13 years old. maybe that would make it easier. Could you e-mail me back and tell me what you think about it ? I live in Tennessee (U.S.A). also tell me how much it would cost in dollars.Thank You very much sincerely, Brandon H

Click here for 10 minute video on how human clones are made - will human clones be born?

Hi I was really interested in your cloning I thought it was really cool!!!! The reason I'm sending this e-mail is that I want to be cloned because it's hard to make it during the months and I would want a clone to get a job and help me pay the bills. I know you get tons of mail and thousands of fans but I'm only one. If you cant clone me could you send me a documentation of how I could clone my self? If you could clone me please contact me at …………… ask for Rob. Thank you SO MUCH!!!! email Rob

Click here for 10 minute video on how human clones are made - will human clones be born?

Do you need any volunteers for cloning experiments? Scott My feline friend was tragically killed. We were the best of friends. Can you clone her. She's been dead now for about a month.Fat chance------HUH? Dr. Dixon,

Click here for 10 minute video on how human clones are made - will human clones be born?

My name is Nathan C, I am a student at ………. University, and I am writing an essay on cloning for my ethics class this semester. I have seen your webpage, and found the info very interesting. Could you please send me some of your references or credentials, as you know, there is far too much information on the internet that belongs in a tabloid, I know this is not the case with your site, but I can't take any chances. Thanks, Nathan C

Click here for 10 minute video on how human clones are made - will human clones be born?

I realise that you have probably received at least hundreds, maybe even thousands, of letters from people asking to be cloned, but I would like to also volunteer. My IQ is 135, I earned a 31 on my ACT (on the old version, so the equivalent score on the new enhanced ACT, which started to be used ~1990 would be a 32), and I am an excellent specimen overall. No, I am not usually this conceited, but obviously this situation demands it. I will soon earn an AS in Computer Information Systems at ……… College, and this fall I will transfer to ……… State University in , for my BS in Computer Information Systems. I am very logical, and am an excellent computer programmer, but I am still down-to-earth. I get along with everybody (almost). I was in the Marine Corps for a while, and I worked my way up to Sales Manager for a Fortune 500 company. I am 24 years old, and have a wife, a 3 year old son, and a baby girl due in July 1997. Yes, I have gotten a lot done in few years I have been out of high school (I graduated in 1990). I apparently have very potent reproduction capabilities, because several times before I was married, especially in the Marines, I accidentally got someone pregnant, and from what I have seen, they have all been very cute, intelligent babies. Despite the fact that you said not to expect a reply, if you could spare a minute or two, please reply, so that I may have an idea whether or not I might be cloned. Thank you very much, doctor!

Click here for 10 minute video on how human clones are made - will human clones be born?

I was reading your project on cloning, and I just wanted to tell you I love the idea and would love to be the first ever cloned person. I think it would be so awesome I am just as interested in this stuff as the people who would clone me.. No I am not a supermodel or anything like that I am just an ordinary girl that is intrested in this stuff. Just thought I would let you know. Jennifer B Of Illinois

Click here for 10 minute video on how human clones are made - will human clones be born?

Patrick, The desire to clone a passed on love one, seems to me, to be grotesque. It brings to mind the SK book 'Pet Cemetery'. The clone would be a disappointment to the donor's relatives, in that the original personality could never be completely duplicated. Additionally, the clone would be not be able to live its own life, it would be forced to live in a predefined, unattainable role. The fact that cloning could be used for human genetic engineering, is neither good or evil. We are self-engineering ourselves anyway. Cloning would just speed up this process. The ethical problem people have with this is when someone is in charge of making the engineering choices. Through cloning, science has virtually offered humanity immortality. It seems to me that it unethically to not to explore cloning, when there is the potential to prevent death or at least prolong life. Ethical problem arise when you start talking about raising an exact clone for parts or wholesale body replacement. This clone would probably require a brain for exercising and ease of maintenance. You would have to kill this living being to use it's parts. What about just cloning individual body parts, heart, lungs, etc. for replacement. I don't think there would be an ethical problem with this. What about cloning a complete body with the brain disabled via DNA/Gene mucking up, this probably crosses the line. The ethical problem comes up when there is the potential for a being to experience life, but through intervention is prevented this experience. Anyways, I'd like to be cloned. I'd do it for the scientific benefits and the eventual immortality of mankind.


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July 17, 2010 - 19:15
How can you clone someone

am an a 300 level Structural Engineering student and will like to know how to clone a person in form of a ROBOT. will really appreciate if sent to my box in a mail.

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