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This video covers the following: Old style education and the focus on memory and knowledge. New style education needs to focus on how to find immediate answers to complex problems from a starting point of ignorance, using new technology. How education promotes useless skills and neglects primary requirements eg instant summary of state of knowledge, fine to draw heavily on existing material. But in education such a summary could be rejected as plagiarism. But in business originality is often less important than a superb summary. Radical changes needed, in examinations, assessments. Future of examinations -- online, using keyboard to prepare answers, assistance is allowed, using existing sources is encouraged. Impact of Google on education. Impact on Universities. Need to teach evaluation methods to assess authority of online sources. References. Video on future of education, high schools, colleges, universities, curriculum, trends, syllabus, exams, assessments, business schools, MBAs, degree courses. Video is part of presentation by Patrick Dixon to NAIS - US Head Teachers of High Schools.

Most High Schools are not preparing students adequately for the future - just think about the technology changes these young people will experience in the next 50 years. While we can only guess at what those may be longer term, there is no excuse for using education models right now that already belong to a previous century. We need a radical rethink about the purpose and value of knowledge, how much data needs to be carried around inthe brain of an individual to be successful, and how much needs only to arrive at the point of need.

Example: the other day my wife and I drove into the oldest University Town in the world - St Andrews in Scotland. We were curious to know more. Before we had even parked the car I had "Googled" the place, on my phone and had all the data I needed. As my wife drove along I was able to tell her that there were 8,600 students in the town but only 16,000 permanent residents, when the University was founded, and its current admissions policy, strengths and weaknesses and so on. I became at that instant a walking encyclopedia despite the fact that I only had vague memories about St Andrews history a few seconds earlier.

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