Future of Sales and Marketing beyond COVID - hybrid event in Vilnius: physical audience of 800 + 300 virtual. Digital marketing, location marketing. How to create MAGIC in new marketing campaigns. Future of Marketing Keynote Speaker

Chances of 2 people in 70 having same birthday? Managing Risk in Banking and Financial Services. Why the greatest risks are combinations of very unlikely events, which happen far more often than you expect. Keynote speaker on risk management

Compliance is Dead. How to build trust. Reputation of banks and financial services. Compliance Risks. Why 100% compliance with regulations, ESG requirements etc is often not enough to prevent reputational damage

Life's too short to do things you don't believe in! Why passionate belief in the true value of what you are selling or doing is the number one key to success. Secret of all leadership and marketing - keynote for 1100 people in Vilnius October 2021

Why you can't innovate on Zoom or Teams meetings - Innovation means breathing same air, in same room

Why the key to rapid innovation is team diversity - survey global CEOs. Innovation keynote speaker

Future Manufacturing 5.0. Lessons from personal life for all manufacturers. Manufacturing Keynote

Future of Manufacturing: diagnostics; predictive analytics, little data and cybersecurity. Keynote

Manufacturing 5 0: The truth about robots, robotics and automation. Future of Manufacturing Keynote

Manufacturing 5.0 - why Manufacturing 4.0 not enough. Agility and Innovation: Manufacturing Keynote

Future of Manufacturing 5.0 - hyperconnected, sustainable factories and supply chains + human beings

80% of sales are won or lost in 3 seconds - Future of Marketing Keynote Speaker - Pardavimu formule












Silent Conference! corporate event with style?

Dr Patrick Dixon: Futurist Keynote Speaker - Futurist Speaker - Keynote Lectures and Slides

May seem a strange thing - to run a silent conference - but what should an event organiser do if you are short of breakout rooms for workshops and seminars?  Answer: run several groups in the main auditorium, using speaker microphones and receivers similar to those used when listening to live interpreters. Patrick Dixon, conference keynote speaker and futurist explains how it works. Future of corporate events, lectures, presentations, keynotes, workshops and seminars. Leadership, motivation, marketing and management seminars with multiple workshops and seminars in same conference hall. Video made at Globe Forum Sustainagility conference session.

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Important information for event organisers

Dr Patrick Dixon: Futurist Keynote Speaker - Futurist Speaker - Keynote Lectures and Slides

"Brilliant communicator who really cares about his audience and his clients"

Every presentation is customised after close discussion with event organisers, to create a high impact, entertaining, provocative, very interactive and relevant multimedia experience for audiences ranging from 20 to 3,000 - in 2D or spectacular 3D imaging. Dr Dixon tests opinion of each audience with "straw polls" and probes what they actually think themselves about future challenges, often walks around audiences and engages them personally.

Most presentations are opening keynotes, setting the scene for all that follows. Dr Dixon works hard to dig deep into organisational strategy and culture, with the help of each client, and aims to bring practical insights that are vitally important to the future of the corporation, taking into account everything else in the programme, and the priorities of the senior executive team.

There is an element of consultancy in most presentations: far more than an off-the-shelf standard lecture.

Organisers usually feel after working with Dr Dixon that they have found a friend: someone who understands the huge pressures they are under to make a great success of their event, and who is passionate about helping them make it happen. That is why he usually arrives the day before an event, offers to write articles, makes himself available for media interviews, signs every book that organisers buy to give participants (yes he has signed 1,400 for just one event), publishes his presentations online, makes conference videos available on / from his website, provides free access to 300 other presentations, and the entire text of 6 books and so on.

There is usually a strong focus on the future in every presentation, while also addressing urgent challenges facing the corporation / industry right now. There is a warm, practical, personal dimension, reflecting the fact that Dr Dixon first trained as a physician, looking also at what it means for individuals, families and friends, connecting with passion and ending with an inspiring challenge to make a difference.

Contact Patrick Dixon to discuss your event

Information for Technical Teams - Setup for Events

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Futurewise Lecture

Dr Patrick Dixon: Futurist Keynote Speaker - Futurist Speaker - Keynote Lectures and Slides

Video of keynote at Google travel industry event - structure around Futurewise - Six Faces of Global Change - see below. The FUTUREWISE lecture is based on the book of the same name. The FUTURE is spelt:

F ast, U rban, T ribal

U niversal, R adical and  Ethical.

Six faces of Global Change.

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Conference speakers - conference planning

Dr Patrick Dixon: Futurist Keynote Speaker - Futurist Speaker - Keynote Lectures and Slides

Great Conference Speakers Make History

  • World class presentation content
  • Conference lectures that make people think in radical ways
  • Immediate practical take-home messages from every presentation
  • Total focus on the interests of the audience in every speech
  • Lecturer fits material into whole theme of conference
  • Interesting, entertaining, dynamic, interactice
  • Corporate presentations where conference audiences want more

How good and bad conference speakers can make or break your career if you are involved in conference planning - Why good conference speakers are like gold dust.  Need a world-class conference keynote speaker? Phone Patrick Dixon now or email.

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Secrets of Great Communication, Brilliant Powerpoint Presentations, World-Class Leadership

Dr Patrick Dixon: Futurist Keynote Speaker - Futurist Speaker - Keynote Lectures and Slides

Great leadership speeches - connect with audience passion. Feeding audience eyes and ears.

How to give world-class powerpoint presentations using Powerpoint 2007, Powerpoint 2011, on PC or Mac. How to wow your audience as CEO or Chairman at an annual corporate even.

How to win customers, social media networks, and communicate vision at corporate events. How to structure your presentation, using embedded videos, images, multimedia content. Common powerpoint mistakes....

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