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Most of the figures are from UNAIDS or other official sources including reliable in-country surveys.

AIDS prevention works - we can stop the spread of HIV - lessons from Uganda - Video

Comment by Dr Patrick Dixon, Founder of ACET, about how corporations can help stop AIDS. HIV prevention can produce huge falls in infection rates in teenagers


Global Situation

  • 85 million HIV infections total by 2007
  • HIV / AIDS kills more than any other infectious disease
  • 45 million men, women and children alive with HIV
  • 40 million AIDS deaths
  • 5 million new HIV infections a year
  • 2% of global population 15-45 years carries HIV
  • More than 90% with HIV are in the poorest nations
  • 20 million children under 15 lost mothers to AIDS
  • 60% new infections are women
  • Half of all infections are in people under 25 years old

S E Asia

  • 5-11 million have HIV in India alone. Epidemic in far earlier stage than Africa


  • Hard to be certain of situation
  • Rapid spread among drug users and now into general population


  • More cases of HIV than any other country
  • African-style spread at huge speed among 1.2bn population (50 times Uganda).
  • Absence of high profile national campaign.
  • 2.5% infected in Bombay with HIV. Active STDs carried by 48%.
  • Up to 1000 new infections a day in Bombay
  • Numbers with HIV in India by 2015 could exceed that in all Africa today


  • 1 million HIV infections to date increasing by 20,000 a year (down from 100,000 a year). To compare, the ten year Vietnam war claimed 50,000 US lives.


  • AIDS biggest single cause of death
  • 25 million people have HIV
  • 5% of all people aged 15-49
  • More women infected than men


  • 40% pregnant women have HIV in some urban areas
  • Average is 18%


  • Level of HIV infection among teenage girls was 22% and now 7%


  • Business survey found AIDS costs almost 4% of annual profits
  • GDP will be 15% less than otherwise by 2005

South Africa

  • 20% large parts of population has HIV


  • 20% of population has HIV. One antenatal clinic recently found 60% of pregnant women in the area had HIV.


  • Treatment of STDs is highly effective. In a recent Tanzania study, six communities with improved STD control had 40% fewer new HIV infections than nearby areas. Circumcision also protects against HIV transmission
  • Condoms: Vietnam 40 million to 117 per year from 1991 to 1995
  • Thailand 15 million condoms to 88 million from 1990 to 1992
  • Thai men have reduced numbers of partners and practice more celibacy and faithfulness - dramatic reduction in HIV rates among new military recruits. Nationwide the annual rate is 25% of the 1990 level.
  • Uganda HIV rates have fallen dramatically in young women.

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