Drugs - what is substance abuse?

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What is substance abuse and how can substance abuse be treated? Read free book on substance abuse on this site, by Dr Patrick Dixon. "The Truth about Drugs" published by Hodder 1998 covers all aspects of substance abuse, drug use, and drug dependency. According to UNDP 8% of value of all international trade is illegal drugs - the true cost of substance abuse.

  • What kinds of drugs cause addiction?
  • Addiction to heroin, morphine, cocaine, crack
  • Life after substance abuse
  • Residential treatment centres for substance abuse
  • Social factors and poverty links to substance abuse
  • Why substance abuse causes such a reaction of fear and rejection
  • Access to substance abuse treatments
  • Why substance abuse is growing
  • Schools, colleges, students and substance abuse issues
  • Why substance abuse is a global issue

Substance abuse is a controversial area - the very terms substance abuse and drug addict are sensitive. Many prefer to talk about drug dependency. Likewise substance abuse is a phrase that many fear creates stigma and rejection of those that need help. The trouble is language. So drug abuse becomes drug use - hard to apart from medical treatments, and so on.

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