The Truth about Westminster

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The Truth about Westminster - Future of British Parliament and Democracy

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This important book takes us behind the sleaze headlines to ask what life is really like at Westminster, the mother of all Parliaments? Inside 10 Downing Street on the first day of research, Dr Dixon found that he had open access to the heart of power. Within days previously high-ranking politicians had confessed during private interviews to things that they felt deeply ashamed of.  While Patrick Dixon kept his promise not to identify those individuals, he swiftly found himself in battles with libel lawyers and other powerful figures in public life who feared disclosure. Thousands of pounds of legal advice later, with a new publisher, "The Truth about Westminster" finally rolled off the presses.

One former Minister said:

"In a dictatorship I would have been bumped off - I knew too much. Instead I was sacked"

"MPs confessed things to me that made my hair stand on end, The rot is deep and a change of government won't be enough to root it all out."

"Few MPs are corrupt but the system itself is corrupting, and encourages secrecy together with abuse of power. Most people regard politicians with contempt. Unless Westminster thoroughly reforms itself the place will die, losing powers to Europe on the one hand and to Scottish and other regional assemblies on the other."

"The Truth about Westminster" is published by Kingsway

The Truth About Westminster


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